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  1. Olá cirilo, tudo bom?
    Sou do Brasil também, mas estou aqui ainda, gostaria de manter contato com desenvolvedores do Canadá. Te achei por um artigo que tu escreveu no CodeProject.
    Sou programador de C# e estudando para minha 2ª certificação (70-562). Gostaria de saber se podemos manter contato, pois pretendo ir pro Canadá no futuro, mas não sei o caminho das pedras. Um abraço e tudo de bom!
    Leandro Amorim

  2. Hi Cirilo,

    My name is Melania, I am reading your article about MS Chart for VS 2008:

    Now I would like to be able to print it out. Could you please give me some tips how to do it, it would even better if you can give me some code example.

    Thanks you so much Cirilo, BTW I am using VS 2008 C#.



  3. Hey I just found your blog. I see you havent posted in a long while.
    I like your blog. Please continue


  4. Ncie Article

  5. Amazing Content on ur Blog Keep up the Great Work and Thanks Very much

  6. Nice site Cirilo! Very good reading,lets see some more updates! :P

  7. Hi How We can pass session in mvc architecture?plz help me about session topic

  8. Hi Mitul,

    ASP.NET MVC is built on top of the Microsoft’s ASP.NET architecture so the Session object is available the same way than regular web forms applications.

    Session[“keyName”] (C#) and Session(“keyName”) (VB.NET) gives you read and write access to a key from any part of your MVC application / project.

    My only recommendation to you is to use the minimum as possible to save some valuable memory.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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