I’d been thinking about publish a blog for a while but I was not sure about the plot! At that time I’d been working on a web application that had been suffering of serious performance problems. After long hours (really long), days and overnights of coding, refactoring and application tunning the whole IT team was tired out.

The good news is that we reached the goal of bringing the application back on the spotlights and the smile on client’s face.

I love design and code and develop new stuff is funnier than fix it. Most part of you guys agree, but I’ll be honest: sometimes the challenge of debugging a code and fix it is as pleasant as develop new one.

Anyway, if you are a “new code fan” or a “maintenance lover” let’s keep in mind that the first fact that matters is to develop high quality code.

The posts I am going to bring to you contain some tips, tricks, thoughts and even concepts related to system architecture, application performance and all the cool (but sometimes not so cool) stuff that I’ve heard, read, debbuged, fixed, refactored and coded and how to avoid long overnights far away from home!!!

Fell free to comment!!!



  1. That´s what I´m talking about! Great guy, nice reading!

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