Posted by: Cirilo Meggiolaro | 03/19/2009

Tip of the day #156 – Friend assemblies with InternalsVisibleTo attribute

On Tip #107 I explained what internal members are and how to define them. Let’s check today how to make internal types or internal members to be accessed from a known external assembly.

How to…

  • Create a class library project and name it AssemblyA;
  • Open the Class1.cs file and replace the existing code with the following code:

using System;

namespace AssemblyA
    public class Foo
        internal void M()
            Console.WriteLine(“This is an internal method existing in the Foo class.”);

  • Add a new class library project to the solution and name it AssemblyB;
  • Right-click on the new project and add a reference to AssemblyA project;
  • Open the Class1.cs file and from the class constructor create a new instance of Foo class;

Foo foo = new Foo();

  • Resolve any import issue by adding an using statement to the AssemblyA on the top of the class;
  • Try to access the M method from AssemblyA;


  • Compile the code. You will get a compiler error because the method is not available. Since it’s defined as an internal method it is not available from outside;
  • Back to the Foo class on the AssemblyA, add an import to System.Runtime.CompilerServices namespace;
  • After the using statement added on the previous step, let’s add the InternalsVisibleTo attribute to define the AssemblyB as a friendly assembly that may access the internal member:

[assembly: InternalsVisibleTo(“AssemblyB”)]

  • Compile the code. Now you are able to access the internal member from an outside assembly.

To get more information about friend assemblies, click here!

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