Posted by: Cirilo Meggiolaro | 12/4/2008

Tip of the day #51 – Serializing Workflows (WWF)

The serialization of workflows created with Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) is quite easy. The key to serialize a workflow is to use WorkflowMarkupSerializer class that provides functionalities to serialize and deserialize workflows to XAML. This class is used by the WWF workflow designer control to persist data to its file.

How to…

The following example creates an instance of a sequential workflow, adds a delay activity to it and then serializes the workflow instance using the WorkflowMarkupSerializer class. The rest is pretty straightforward.

/// Declares attributes
StringBuilder sbOutput = null;
XmlWriter writerXml = null;
WorkflowMarkupSerializer wkfSerializer = null;
SequentialWorkflowActivity wkfInstance = null;

    /// Creates a new sequential workflow
    wkfInstance = new SequentialWorkflowActivity();

    /// Creates a delay activity
    DelayActivity delay = new DelayActivity();

    /// Sets timeout to two minutes
    delay.TimeoutDuration = new TimeSpan(0, 2, 0);

    /// Adds the delay activity to the sequential workflow

    /// Creates an instance of the string builder
/// that holds the output content
    sbOutput = new StringBuilder();

    /// Creates an instance of the XmlTextWriter.
    writerXml = XmlTextWriter.Create(sbOutput);

    /// Creates an instance of the Workflow Markup Serializer
    wkfSerializer = new WorkflowMarkupSerializer();

    /// Serializes the workflow instance
    wkfSerializer.Serialize(writerXml, wkfInstance);

    /// Sends output content to console.
catch (Exception ex)
    /// Releases instances
    sbOutput = null;
    writerXml = null;
    wkfSerializer = null;

    if (wkfInstance != null)
        wkfInstance = null;


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