Posted by: Cirilo Meggiolaro | 11/22/2008

Tip of the day #39 – LoaderOptimizationAttribute class

The LoaderOptimizationAttribute defines an enumerator that is used by the CLR to optimize the way this application will be loaded.

A good scenario to use the attribute is when you want to share resources (not static members) between application domains. The usage may have a performance penalty but if you need to have a lot of instances running a faster code or a single instance running slightly slower you’d rather to have the single instance.

The attribute must be defined on the main method of the application and if defined on a method other than the entry point, the attribute will be ignored and no exception will be thrown.

The following options are available to define the attribute:

SingleDomain: If you choose this option the loader will not share internal resources between application domains.

MultiDomain: Tells the loader that internal resources must be shared between application domains.

MultiDomainHost: Choosing this option will make the loader to share resources only for strongly-named assemblies registered on GAC.

How to…

Define the attribute is straightforward like any other attribute. Just type one of the following options before your application main method signature



  1. Cirilo, when you say “internal resources” you mean memory and cpu, right?

    What´s the default attribute we have in ASP.NET? MultiDomain?

  2. Hi Fadachi, actually internal resources mean objects / data and so on.

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